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Hi there folks, as you probably noticed we are changing our web site trying to improve your online experience with us at Online Today.


All we provide you here at ONT is your internet access, i.e. a FULL LINK TO ALL THE INTERNET HAS TO OFFER. However for you to enjoy "all the Internet has to offer" you must use software to get there. Your computer usually comes with a Browser, that allow you to view web pages, and a E-mail program for you to read e-mail, most likely both by Microsoft, which runs on 80% of the computers out now.
The most common task on the Internet are browsing and the use of e-mail. However you can also read newsgroups, view Video and listed/download Music use CHAT to talk to people all over the world, or even better use Instant Messengers now available which will allow you to talk to a friend in "real-time", maybe even see him with video.
Here's our list!

BROWSERS - Used to view web pages with addresses like -
With the browser you can check out the Search Engines like Google and Yahoo or visit web sites like The Dallas Cowboys, or the Dallas Stars amongst others.

A great browser is Mozilla's FireFox . Simple, robust and it will change the way you look at the Internet. All I got to say is... It's worth the try...Read about it before you download.
Slim Browser is also another browser that's easy to use and have great features. Read C-Net's review of it before you download.

E-MAIL PROGRAMS - allow you to receive/read and send e-mail to addresses like if you need help for example.

Mozilla also makes an e-mail program called the Thunderbird, our system administrator likes it a lot.
Qualcomm's Eudora 6.1.2 is a great e-mail program, easy to use and set-up. We have been recommending Eudora as a good e-mail program for years now.

INSTANT MESSENGERS (IM)- Allow you to communicate with another person using the same IM in real time. It's a great tool to keep in touch for families in different states or friends away or on military duty.

The two most populate IM are MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. We suggest you READ their perspectives home pages to find out what they do and what features are offered by them. Remember to check with your family and friends and maybe see what they use to try to keep your IM compatible.

INTERNET UTILITIES - These are programs developed to use the Internet in many different ways, like making a phone call, or a tool to help keep your computer free of sypware/virus. BEWARE this utilities many times also are nothing more than an application developed by someone with good intentions, however it can harm your computer, so be careful with what you install on your PC.
Here are a few options we like as utilities and they have been tested by us here at ONT, however we still advise you to see if you really need them.
First one is AD-AWARE which we install in our computers in order to prevent "spyware" it's free for personal use. "Spyware" or "Adware" are cookies or small programs that run and sometimes install themselves in your PC without you noticing, and they can send info to other web sites, or collect information on your browsing preferences. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS KEEP THIS TOOL UPDATED WITH THE ONLINE UPDATES...
Another great tool is AVG Anti-Virus, also free for personal use, we also recommend this anti-virus versus the "well known ones". REMEMBER TO ALWAYS KEEP THIS TOOL UPDATED WITH THE ONLINE UPDATES...

This titles are free to download, and are subject to it's manufacturers privacy, and usage agreements. Online Today is not responsible for any support and/or any faults that might come with using the software provided here.

Netscape 4.7 for (Windows9x)

Eudora 3.06 (Windows 3.x)

WS-FTP (Windows9x)

LT Winmodem drivers v6.0 (Windows9x)

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