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On Any of Our Dial Up Plans!

Since 1992

Dialup Services Starting at $9.95
Internet access for the 214/972/469 and 817 area codes!
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Customer Referral/Reward Program

If you have any questions  call us at (972) 386-9905 or email us at

Program Description: 
Receive one month free "dial up" Internet access for every one new customer you help sign up with Online Today Internet access.
Refer a friend for Internet access with Online Today.  After your friend signs up he or she must verify your referral.  Once your friend has established the account with us for at least one month and we have received payment, you will be credited for one month of "dial up" Internet access up to $39.95 depending on your current plan.
Program Participants: 
All Online Today "dial up" Internet access subscribers.

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