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Online Today Provides New Virus Protection from Postini

Online Today has partnered with Postini to provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses from reaching your computer. Online Today provides the Virus Protection Service free to all subscribers as part of our commitment to bring you the best Internet service available.

Virus Protection Service
All of Online Today's E-Mails (i.e. will automatically be setup for the Virus Protection Service.

The Postini services are private and secure. The virus protection is an automated process. Nobody has access to your email except you. Nobody will read your email.

Here is a brief overview of the Virus Protection Service:

  • Your email passes through Postini's automated filters that detect suspected viruses.
  • Suspicious email is directed to your personal, web-based, password-protected Message Center (it does not arrive at your computer's in box). Think of this as a quarantine area.
  • We will notify you by e-mail that Online Today's virus protection service has detected a potential email virus. It will mention that the suspicious message has been quarantined in your Online Today Message Center.
  • If you would like to view the message and the sender you must login to the Online Today Message Center. To login please visit or enter your e-mail address and password in the MESSAGE CENTER LOG IN below.
  • Once your in the Message Center you can see the virus-infected messages BEFORE they reached your inbox. You can safely view the text of the message by clicking on the subject. It is highly recommended that you do not click on "Deliver As Is" or it will deliver the virus infected message.
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If you have any questions please review the Postini FAQ page:

Frequently Asked Questions

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